Traditional Morrocan plaster that can last centuries.

Tadelakt is a Moroccan plaster suitable for almost any internal, external wall, ceiling or even floor. It is an alternative to tiles in bathrooms. Tadelakt is applied seamlessly, resulting in a unique smooth surface free from grout lines.

It's alive!

The Tadelakt finish is a surface, that is constantly interacting with the environment. It is water repellent, hydrophobic and antiseptic. Its biggest advantage is that it prevents the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria.

Perfect for alergics.

Allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems love Tadelakt. It is perfect for application on surfaces in moist areas, such as cellars, basements, bathrooms or wetrooms. It helps to provide a healthy living environment. This material is 100% natural without any chemical additives, its extraction and manufacturing leaves a very low ecological footprint.

It's what you do with it.

The technique for applying tadelakt is the key. “Tadelakt” means “to rub in” in Arabic. It is labour-intensive to install, but durable. Traditional application includes polishing with a river stone and treatment with olive oil soap. Once the plaster has been applied, we brush the surface with more olive soap and then burnish it with a small, hard stone. When we compress the plaster, it extracts its unique shine. This process, along with the reaction with the soap, makes the plaster water repellent.

Limitless uses.

A texture of the tadelakt allows us to apply it on practically any type of shape. You can use it on curved surfaces which would typically be difficult to complete with a standard trowel. It is a seamless surface on walls, floors, ceilings, shelves, sinks, baths and even mirror frames.