Rendone is a surface design company based in West Yorkshire.

Founded by Kamil Piasecki in 2014, the company started trading as Sprayskim Ltd before changing to Rendone in 2018.

Kamil has been working in construction for 23 years now, starting at the age of 20. He has been trading as a plasterer for the last 15 years, accumulating experience in various novation techniques.

In 2004 Kamil moved to UK, where he worked as a self-employed tradesman for various companies in the West Yorkshire and London area.

Under Kamil’s supervision RendOne has undertaken various commercial and residential projects, ranging from 600m2 of rendering for the Crystal Palace Stadium to plastering offices for Argent FM.

In the early 2019 we have gone beyond our standard offer and we have completed our first Tadelakt and Microcement applications. These have been the most desired services by our clients in West Yorkshire since. In June 2019 we have started our partnership with Isoplam from Italy, bringing clients 40 years of experience in microcement and concrete industry.