What is it?

Microcement is a high-performance cement, mixed with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural colour pigments.

Where can I consider it for?

Microcement can be applied to almost any surface including wood, tiles, mortar, metal, stoneware, plasterboard, plastic and any existing concrete floor. It is a great option for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, wet rooms and walk-in showers, where it can provide anti-slip properties. This coating is perfect for environments such as: residential properties, retail spaces, office and reception areas, art galleries, museums, hotels, cafes and bars. Microcement can also be used to create stunning dinning, coffee, console and side tables, worktops, floating shelves, bench seating, and vanity units and wardrobes.

Endless properties.

Microcement is completely customisable with a wide range of colours and patterns. It proves to be very flexible, seamless, versatile, waterproof and impossible to stain. Thanks to its characteristics it can be applied to existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money.

Lack of joints.

Microcement does not need joints. Its application results in a continuous design of an extremely aesthetic and decorative coating. There is not need for any special maintenance of it and cleaning it is very easy and simple.

Lack of noise.

Microcement is installed by hand without any pumps and noisy power floats.

Better choice.

Unlike polished concrete, which has a thickness, Microcement can be applied between 2-3 millimetres. It can be applied on any structure with a level surface both vertically and horizontally and it is installed by building up levels of different resins and cements. Sometimes these layers may need to be increased in order to smooth out any imperfections in the sub base.

The same look forever.

The microcement’s colour doesn’t undergo any change over time and never turns yellow. We can apply it indoor and outdoor. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and to UV rays.

Need a high traffic floor surface?

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Some of our microcement projects